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Review: Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson

Who took my cheese? This is a story about how to manage change. Two little mice named Oli and Corri and Kif, both mice the same size, live together in a labyrinth. They have a similar appearance to humans and act very similarly to human beings. These characters are very distinct and can be identified as prototypes for human characters when read the book.

The daily struggle for cheese is what drives the lives of each character in the story. Each day, the four characters must race to get the food they need to survive.

Kif and Kof discover an inordinate amount of cheese. They decide to stay there and not have to go out every day looking for it. They live close to the source and enjoy it, while the mice continue their search for more cheese.

When the cheese is gone, the mice are not back and Kif and Kof become perplexed by this situation and begin to lose their spirits.

Although it may seem childish, the story teaches us how to adapt to the changing world around us. This story is full of examples that Spencer Jonson uses to show us how we can fight the challenges we face in a world where change is the only constant. The author also presents an interesting view of the fear man has about change and the implications it can have.

This book can be viewed as everything one wants or has in life, including work and relationships. The story teaches us how to respond when this precious thing disappears, and we feel sad.

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