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Review: How To Pass Your Hair Follicle Drug Test

In this book review, we are looking at an interesting, yet an unusual topic that is known as the Mike Macujo Method, which is an amazing little find with tons of helpful information. It is jam packed into 6 easy-to-read pages. The tone and feel of the book are approachable and friendly, helping drug users past and present to pass their hair follicle drug tests and maintain employment.

The book discusses the original Macujo Method for removing drug toxins from hair follicles and the reasons that this has previously been used. You’ll also read about the reasons that hair follicle drug testing is even more popular today than it has been in the past. Then the author, Mike, will discuss his new and improved method which eliminates drug toxins faster and more easily with a 95% proven success rate, just to give you a little more confidence.

You’ll also receive a list of products that you’ll need to purchase in order to carry out the method with images so you can see exactly what to look out for and even a link to the website, where you can watch simple video instructions too, so it even works for those of us that are visual learners.

Once you’ve purchased everything you need, Mike talks through a step-by-step journey to help you make the concoction and set up a treatment program. This is where you can personalize your method. Mike speaks from experience and comes from a supportive and knowledgeable place when he shares the program specifics based on drug use, the types of drugs you take and the frequency. Despite this, the book comes from a completely non-judgemental angle, so you can feel at ease with whatever your lifestyle is.

Recognizing that everyone will have a different appearance, different concerns and a different level of drug use, there’s a section that talks through the implications of long hair in comparison to shaved heads and gives expert guidance on how to avoid body hair testing and why.

To round up, there’s an FAQ section right at the back to answer any questions that you still have and contact details for the author if you require ongoing support. It’s absolutely perfect for easing your worries and giving you confidence as you walk in on test day.

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